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Sedcare is a fully integrated Electronic Health Record or EHR for behavioral healthcare providers developed by Service Data Management, Inc (SDM).
• Simplifies billing and reduces administrative costs.
• Produces critical management information.
• Supports nearly Zero Defect compliance with most regulatory standards.

Comprehensive Service Delivery

Provide even better care to your consumers by taking advantage of Sedcare’s complete chart management package. By consolidating a consumer’s record – from first contact through accounts receivable – users function more effectively as a team. Employees can have at their fingertips crucial, up-to-date information on a consumer’s treatment goals, progress and barriers.

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Call or send us a message to find out more on how Sedcare can maximize your behavioral healthcare organization's clinical and billing capacities. Through on-line meeting technology, we will provide a full and complete demonstration if Sedcare's capacities.

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Productivity Maximized

Does your agency provide quality service to it's consumers, but is hampered by paybacks do to poor charting? Let Sedcare help your agency keep the money you have earned. As an Electronic Health Record, Sedcare puts key behavioral health service functions at your fingertips and gives agencies and their employees the ability to save time and money.

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What Sedcare Can Do

Work flow has never been easier as Sedcare puts all the necessary elements of consumer charting in one location. Move easily between your consumer’s related demographic information, diagnostic assessment, service planning, service documentation (including service note review), billing (integrated into service note), scheduling (with integrated billing), utilization review, supervision planning, event documentation, and tracking of employee training.

Audit Proofing

Let your agency work towards greater audit compliance. Sedcare is built with state and federal regulatory standards in mind and embeds functions within the system that provide the opportunity for maximum rates of compliance and reduction of user errors. The SDM team will also work directly with our clients to carve out individualized audit proofing needs where possible.

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