Assessment Summary

The Sedcare Electronic Health Record Can Consolidate Assessment Materials for More Guided Focus

Build the foundation for the Service or Person Centered Plan in the Assessment Summary. Review all of the items identified in the Assessment and select Needs and Strengths for the Focus of Treatment. Automatically create a Diagnostic Assessment report from the material included in the Assessment. Edit and then use this report as an Intake Assessment, 30 Day Assessment, etc.

  • Identify Relevant Needs/Strengths: Select Needs and Strengths that are relevant to the course of treatment from a listing of all items identified in the Assessment. These items automatically ‘roll forward’ into a Summary List of Personal Needs.
  • Select Needs and Strengths for Planning: Select Needs and Strengths to be used in the Service Plan or Person Centered Plan from the Personal Needs Summary List. Selected items automatically move forward into Service Planning.
  • Prioritize the Selected Needs: Make clinically informed decisions about what order personal and diagnostic needs should be addressed and craft the assessment summary to reflect these decisions.
  • Create ‘Diagnostic Assessment’ Report: Create a narrative document that summarizes all Needs and Strengths identified in the Assessment. Review and edit this as a Microsoft Word document.

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Pull all assessment data together in one document and form a specific focus for treatment.

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