The Sedcare System Can Help You Capture a Wide Range of Data When Performing Assessments

In Assessment users capture comprehensive data in the areas of Developmental History, Medical History, Social History, Personal Needs and Strengths. Items identified in Personal Needs and Strengths ‘roll forward’ into the Service Plan or Person Centered Plan.

  • Personal Needs/Strengths: Record comprehensive information on Personal Needs, Parenting Needs, Life Skills and Strengths. Directly record Consumer statements regarding their Needs and Strengths for use in Person Centered Plans.
  • Medical History: Note data on current Medical Problems, Multi-Axis Diagnoses, History of Services, and History of Evaluations.
  • Social History: Gather objective Life History data including disruptions in Caretaking, episodes of Abuse and Neglect, losses of Family Members, etc.
  • Developmental History: Capture information on Pre-Natal and Birth History, Developmental Milestones, and Educational Achievement, etc.

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