Case Management

Chart with Ease in Sedcare

SEDCARE supports a wide range of Case Management activity including Discharge Planning, Utilization Review (Service Authorization), Task Management, Documentation Management, Caseload Assignment, Service Assignment, and Data Reporting. Utilization Review is fully integrated into Billing.

  • Manage Tasks: Use a ‘tickler system’ to track due dates of any Case Management Task. Document all contacts in the Contact Log.
  • Complete Utilization Review: Complete Service Authorizations. Track Authorizations about to lapse. Use the Utilization Review Report summarizing Outcomes and Incidents to assist in securing Service Reauthorizations.
  • Plan and Complete Discharges: List ‘Step Down’ Services and Supports needed at Discharge. Track their availability through ongoing Reviews. Complete a Discharge Summary that captures outcome data on the success of the episode of care.
  • Track Documentation: Monitor the notification system that informs Case Managers when selected documentation is pending, due, or past due including Assessments, Service Plans, Service Notes, and Incident Reports.
  • Manage Caseloads: Assign Consumers to Providers or Facilities for all Services identified in the Service or Person Centered Plan. Set filters to view Caseloads by Provider or Facility. Discontinue assignments when Service is discontinued.

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Charting and File Maintenance Can Have Many Pitfalls

✖ Lost Misplaced or Never Collected Forms
✖ Lack of Printed Name
✖ Lack of Date
✖ Poor or No Follow Up in Communication
✖ Authorization Lapse
✖ Poor Discharge Planning

Taking Advantage of Sedcare’s Case Management Features Will Help Your Agency Avoid Costly Mistakes in Consumer Record Keeping

✓ Track the Collection of Important Documents
✓ Auto Populate Name
✓ Date and Other Vital Documentation Standards on Forms and Reports
✓ Track Communication Between Important Entities (Family Members, Other Providers, Key Stakeholders) Regarding a Consumer
✓ Track the Expiration Time Frame of Authorizations
✓ Track Discharge Planning and Movement Toward Discharge

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