Clinical Functions

Let the Sedcare System Help Guide Your Clinical Service

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Sedcare affords a complete set of clinical functions that can be recorded, used and recalled throughout a consumer’s active participation in your agency’s program. Users can perform initial and on-going assessment as well as consolidate that assessment information into one summary. Service plans can be created by users that permeate the rest of the system and play a major role in clinical treatment teams and clinical decisions. Moreover, users are able to formulate high quality service notes and documentation per regulatory standards and that are service plan driven. Case management is also easily accomplished in Sedcare, allowing agencies and their users to chart and track highly important consumer record items like forms, tasks to be completed and other vital statistical information.

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Manage Clinical Content for the Best Care Possible

✓ Gather Basic Consumer Demographics
✓ Track and Report Referrals
✓ Record and Report Diagnostic Assessment Information
✓ Create Person Centered Service Plans that are Linked to Needs Identified in the Assessment
✓ Perform Utilization Review and Service Authorization
✓ Create Service Documentation
✓ Perform Scheduling that is Integrated with Billing

Attention Clinicians

The mental health profession is rapidly moving toward a highly technological age. Let SDM assist you and the therapists of your agency in learning how to use technology as a form of professional advancement.
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