Financial Functions

The Sedcare Electronic Health Record Can Manage Your Financial Transactions

Use the multi-payer Billing System to generate claims (electronic or hard copy). Billing is fully integrated into Service Notes, Service Authorization and a variety of Quality Assurance checks to help produce Zero Defect claims. Audit trails are maintained on all activity. Fully compatible with Accrual Accounting Procedures. Financial data can be linked to most General Ledgers and reflects an agency’s Chart of Accounts.

  • Billable Services: SEDCARE automatically creates a Service Record of billable events from approved Service Notes. Alternatively, Service Events may be manually entered into the Service Record. All Service Events pass through Quality Assurance screens before being designated ‘Billable’.
  • Create Claims: Create Batch Claims simply by selecting a date range (up to one month) and other factors (Service, Payer, Location, etc.).
  • Create a Claims Journal: Review all claims in a batch for accuracy. Mark claims as OK or Modify/Delete as needed. Post claim(s) to a unique Claims Journal. SEDCARE automatically posts claims to Revenue and creates the final Claims History/Accounts Receivable.
  • Submit Claims: Create hard copy Invoices, CMS 1500′s, UB-04′s, or initiate the Electronic Claims Submission process. SEDCARE submits electronic claims with an 837 file and processes the return Payment Advices with an 835.
  • Re-Claim: Resubmit Claims that have been denied (after corrective action) under the Unique Claim Number generated by SEDCARE for the original Claim.
  • Posting Payments and Adjustments: Manually post payments at the Claim or Service Event level. Or, electronically post payments from an 835 Payment Advice file. SEDCARE automatically maintains a non-alterable audit trail on all Payment and Adjustment activity.
  • Financial Reports: Use a full range of reports that support standard financial analysis and balancing including Revenue, Cash Receipts, Aged Receivables, etc.

Track Your Agency's Money and Get Paid Faster

✓ Electronic Billing (837 file) is integrated into Service Notes
✓ Payments can be posted manually or electronically (from 835 file)
✓ The Scheduler is integrated to billing
✓ Full reporting including volume of service, Revenue and AR

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