HIPPA Compliance

The Sedcare Electronic Health Record Will Keep Your Client’s Information Safe and Protected

SEDCARE is compliant with HIPAA standards:

  • Access to SEDCARE is granted through a Password that expires at a user-defined interval.
  • Internal security measures restrict user access program areas and Consumer lists on a need to know basis.
  • Electronic signatures are Password Protected and require active effort by User to apply.

  • Individual electronic signatures may be used on all clinical documents through fully integrated Electronic Signature Pad technology.
  • All data stored in the Portable Module is Password Protected and Encrypted.
  • SEDCARE automatically closes on workstations after a specified ‘idle time’ has lapsed.
  • ‘Audit trails’ for identifying who used the system and what changes were made are fully enabled with third-party database tracking software.
  • Electronic Claims are sent and Payment Advices received on HIPAA compliant files (837/835).

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