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The Sedcare System Can Help You Easily Manage Your Staff

SEDCARE provides fully integrated Supervision, Training, and Privileging functions. Assess staff Competencies, Create individualized Supervision Plans, identify Training Needs, and Privilege staff to provide Billable Services. Training and Privileging are fully integrated; Staff must remain current on all Required Training in order to retain Service Documentation Privileges. Document organization efforts to improve Staff Competency and comply with Supervision and Training Standards.

✓ Track Training Requirements ✓ Log Supervision Hours
✓ Monitor Professional Development

  • Assess Staff Competence: Rate Staff Competencies in the Categories of Technical Knowledge, Cultural Awareness, Analytic Skills, Decision Making, Interpersonal Skills, Communication Skills, Clinical Skills and Response to Supervision
  • Create Supervision Plan: Goals in each Plan are pulled directly from the Competency Assessment. Record Supervision Sessions.
  • List Training Needs: Create a list of Mandatory and Required training events for each employee. Then List all training opportunities (including Dates and Locations). Track Due Dates and Completion Dates.
  • Assign Privileges: Create a list of Privileging Categories. ‘Tie’ Privileging Categories to Billable Services (as needed). Assign staff Privileges with a few mouse clicks and entering of Begin and End Dates. Be confident that staff cannot complete Service Notes if they lack privileging for the Service. Since Privileging is also ‘tied’ to Training, if mandatory training lapses so does Privileging.

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Help Your Employees Grow Their Strengths

✓ Track Training Requirements
✓ Log Supervision Hours
✓ Monitor Professional Development

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