Service Plans

Develop Relevant Service Plans with the Sedcare Electronic Health Record System

SEDCARE offers flexibility in Service Planning: create Traditional Plans or Person Centered Plans. Associate Goals to Needs and Strengths. Select Services and Supports for each Goal and add Interventions. The Plan can be narrowly focused on Problems/Strengths and the Interventions to address them: a traditional Service Plan. Or, the Plan can be broadly focused on Life Domains and a comprehensive range of Services and Supports that will be provided: a Person Centered Plan.

  • Compile Clinical Library: Enter a library of Goals, Objectives, and Interventions that reflect your organization’s approach to Service delivery. Or, use the complete set of Goals, Objectives and Interventions available through SEDCARE.
  • Create a Plan: Create a Traditional or Person Centered Plan. Select Goals, Objectives, Services and Interventions from the Library for each Need or Strength. Complete minor editing to individualize content and enter Preferences. Or, directly enter Goals, Objectives and Interventions that reflect the Consumer’s Person Centered Planning input. SEDCARE automatically creates a Traditional Service Plan and generates large portions of a Person Centered Plan.
  • Track Outcomes: Click on the Goal Review tab to view summary statistics on the outcomes of Service efforts (by Goal and by Intervention). Check summary data on Critical Incidents that have been associated to specific Service Plan Goals.
  • Revise Plans: Use Outcome data to revise Service Plans and drive Utilization Review.

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Often, along with the consumer, many professionals and stakeholders provide input into an individual's treatment plan. With, Sedcare, all members of the treatment team can be recorded as participants in planning.

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