Technical & Compliance Information

Sedcare Remains Current in Technical and Compliance Necessities

Program Access ¦ HIPPA Compliance

Sedcare was built with both technological and psychological concepts in mind to create the best possible behavioral health software package. Knowing that mental health and family preservation agencies rarely perform services in the “traditional” outpatient venue, Sedcare was created for wide and varied program accessibility  to accommodate a vast array of service settings. Moreover, SDM understands the strict guidelines all behavioral health providers must follow, and have built a program to meet rigorous HIPPA compliance standards.

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Personnel Features

Have Greater Protected Health Information Security with Sedcare as Your Electronic Health Record

✓ Minimize Potential HIPPA Violations Through Sedcare's Rigorous Adherence to Privacy Regulations and Standards
✓ Send and Receive HIPPA Compliant Billing Remittances Through Sedcare's File Transfer Protocol
✓ Safely Access Consumer Records from Almost Anywhere Through Password Protected Entry into the Sedcare System
✓ Maintain Strict Internal Securities so Employees Only Access the Parts of the System They Need to Access

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